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Special Quarantine Marketing Offered by PanoramaNOW News

   ESPECIALLY NOW – OUR NEW Social/Facebook Marketing Program will HELP YOUR BUSINESS! We’re here to help you with your special promotions. Utilizing Panoramanow’s Blog Posts, Newsletter, Website & our 18 Facebook Pages and 6 Facebook Groups – OVER 75,000 FOLLOWERS, we can help. Our Website and Facebook are HIGHER THAN EVER NOW! Our PanoramaNOW Facebook reaches 60,000 a Month and Website is 1,000 A DAY!!!!  

busy bees sold out     Sound crazy? Not really, When Southlake Mall closed on March 15th, Busy Bees Craft Shop thought they were dead. BUT, they reached out to us and asked us for HELP! Even though, during this CRISIS when the Mall was CLOSED, we marketed their Easter Crafts special promotion, and THEY SOLD OUT! They could not believe it! Here’s their LINK!

    In 2020, PanoramaNow Entertainment News changed the way we process clients that included a NEW Partnership Program to make it more beneficial to Business Clients. Busy Bees was fortunate enough to have signed up! 

     With this new Special Promotion Marketing Program, you can upgrade your small (or large) business to get more exposure through Blog Posts, Newsletter, Website, Facebook and Social Media. (75,000 Combined Followers on Facebook)

       During this Coronavirus Crises, PanoramaNOW’s demographics  are very HIGH and very competitive in the News/Media field. Take a look at these packages below and pick out which one is right for you. Keep in mind that these options listed below are flexible. Demographic documentation can be provided upon request by emailing panoramanow@comcast.net.

$150 a year ($12.50 per month)
     This package Includes:  Blog Posts Added, Shared and Optimized to our Multiple Facebook Pages & Groups (75,000 followers). Plus Extended, Linked, and Optimized Blog Pages, plus advance listings and Social Media. Blog posts include Outside Links, Social LInks, Your Own Photos; and Lastly Featured Ads on the Website (2 Weeks) Includes a Small Color ad In the Magazine (effective June)

     This package Includes: Unlimited events; Outside Links, Your Own Photos; more Events Added, Shared, and Optimized To Our Multiple Facebook Events And Groups (75,000 followers). Plus,  Extended and Linked Directory Listing Or Optimized Blog; Website Calendar Listings, Assistance with Press Releases, Advance Listings On Website. In addition it includes expanded Social Media Exposure;  Featured Ads on Website (8 Weeks) and  1/8 Page Color ad In Magazine. (starting in June)


     This package Includes: Outside Links Added to All Listings;  Use of Your Own photos;  Events Added,  shared, and Optimized to our MULTIPLE Facebook Pages & Groups (75,000 folllowers).  Added to all of the above this package is the Extreme Facebook Promotion which has 5,000 Views Guaranteed and documented.  There is extended and Repeated Social Media Exposure;  Featured Ad on Website (4 Weeks) and 1/4 Page Color ad In Magazine. Lastly, Advance Listings On Website and Assistance with Press Releases. There is also an Advanced Single Event Package as well, please email us for more.

     The sponsorship options gives corporations exposure thru optimizing our peak blogs and Facebook Posts. Your logo is applied to these peak blogs and posts that have a history of acquiring huge audiences in the past on the website and Social Media. Please email us for more information, panoramanow@comcast.net

     Even though PanoramaNOW specialized in “festivals and events” for 36 years, we have been busier than ever! Our website has increased ten-fold and our Facebook is Blowing UP! (Stop by and see our NEW Positive non-invasive atmospheric videos) Everyone needs to Think OUTSIDE THE BOX! 

Thank you
Susie Young Baxter
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