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Shoreline Brewery -Michigan City

by David Wichlinski
      Culture Trip
suggests a trip to Shoreline Brewery for good no-frills food and drink. As the name suggests, it’s located on the coast of Lake Michigan so you can grab a pint of one of their home-brewed beers after walking the sandy shores. They usually have 12 brews on rotation with two mainstays: Scottish Ale and Oatmeal Stout.

    Even a Lake County beer-seeker will cross an entire county to get to this place. If 3 Floyds is Northwest Indiana’s flagship brewery in the 219 Region, Shoreline Brewery makes a pretty damn solid case to challenge that. Twice in the past, the World Beer Cup competition has donned Shoreline’s ‘Beltaine’ Scottish Ale as a prestigious favorite. For those reasons, you can consider the ‘Beltaine’ Shoreline’s signature beer, but if you’re going to try one, you might as well try six (provided you’ve already arranged for alternative transportation home, of course).
     They also bottle their own product thankfully for us, Shoreline has given us a bigger window than one day a year, and if you start to go through the Dark Lord withdrawals, Shoreline has an ideal line-up to help you get your fix.
     Shoreline’s atmosphere and original customer engagement also headline this top-rate micro-brewery. The brewery has established a reputation for its plethora of events held at their facilities, from shows to some one-of-a-kind gatherings. Its good use of the space the brewery occupies and fosters a great variety of different atmospheres for Region rats to take in some music and take down some quality craft beers. We promise you won’t be disappointed.
          The brewery’s bar chow is also some of the best in the city, with Shoreline Poutine and Scotch Eggs as two of the crowd favorites. If you’re going for a meal, their entrees do not disappoint. Their gumbo, burgers and baby back ribs are perfectly paired with a cold glass of beer.  They can be reached by calling 219-879-4677, or visiting their website.

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