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Santa’s Second Hand Shop – Whiting Indiana

Secondhand Santa Shoppe takes place Saturday, December 5

     The Secondhand Santa Shoppe, presented by Arts Alive!, will be open on Saturday, December 5th from 11a.m. to 2p.m. at  Studio 659 is located at 1413 – 119th Street next door to Bulldog’s Brewery.   The Christmas sale, which  has accompanied the Ethnic Cookie Bake Sale for the last couple of years, has always been a popular addition.  While the Cookie Bake has been cancelled, Santa and his stuff hasn’t shut down.  This year’s Shoppe will offer all kinds of items from Santas, ornaments, candlestix, dishes, nativities,  tin boxes, greenery…..anything and everything decorative for the holidays.

    Naturally, masks are required.

     There’s nothing like being surrounded by cool and inexpensive secondhand Santa STUFF to put you in the mood for the holidays.       OR if you have Christmas décor you’d like to donate, drop it off at Studio 659 or the Chamber of Commerce Noon until 2p.m. from November 30 through December 4th. (then come back Dec. 5 and buy “new to you” stuff.)

     Please make yourself “present” at the Secondhand Santa Shoppe.  We know there’s something there just waiting to go home with you! 

where to go for chrismtas lights 4

Where to go for Christmas Lights Click here

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