Reasons Why You Should Buy a Car With a Manual Transmission

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Car With a Manual Transmission

Through the years, the American vehicle market has made a shift away from manual transmission vehicles in favor of automatic ones. Because of their convenience and ease of use, automatic cars have largely dominated the country’s current automotive market. The dwindling demand for manual vehicles is apparent, as only 13 percent of new car models sold in the US in 2020 were offered with manual transmission. That being said, there are several attractive reasons why you should buy a car with a manual transmission. Here’s why you should go against the status quo and opt for a stick shift vehicle.

Fuel economy

From a financial standpoint, owning a manual vehicle is a great option. Those who drive a vehicle with a manual transmission can typically enjoy better fuel economy than owners of automatic models.

Unlike automatic systems, manual transmissions don’t have a torque converter or hydraulic pump, which can drain a percentage of the vehicle’s power and reduce its fuel efficiency. Plus, the additional shifting control that manual vehicles provide also allows drivers to use less gas—provided they know how to execute some savvy shifting. That being said, just how much gas money you save will depend largely on your driving style.

Less expensive to maintain

In addition to costing less than most automatic vehicles and generally having better fuel economy, vehicles with manual transmissions can also save you money on maintenance. Typically, standard transmissions are easier to maintain than automatic systems since they are significantly less complex. Because of their simpler design, there is decreased potential for something to go wrong. Generally, the only transmission replacement part that manual systems require is a new clutch after a few hundred thousand miles.

Further reducing their maintenance requirements, manual transmissions use gear or engine oil rather than automatic transmission fluid, which deteriorates more quickly and necessitates regular changes.

Better driving experience

In addition to the practical financial benefits, owning a vehicle with a manual transmission is also often considered to be more fun. Manual vehicles offer a more immersive driving experience that gives the driver more control over their vehicle. Many drivers find that the added control that stick shift vehicles provide them with gives them a more enjoyable driving experience.
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