print is not dead

Print Is Not Dead

Recent Changes in High Tech, cyper theives, hackers, security, identity theft have made Print Cheaper than Digital, plus it’s safer. Security is now a big problem and increasingly and constantly takes new updated software to keep up with cyber criminals. Most Digital Marketing programs cost from $6,000 – $12,000 a year (minimum.)

Print is Often Less Expensive
If you’re a brand in its infancy, you should allow to have the funds for an advertising budget. Small ads in local niche newspapers, local coupon mailers, and magazines can prove to be very cost effective. Today, Digital Marketing will set you back a considerable amount, because you have to include SEO Expenses, SEM, Website Hosting, Social Media Management, Security Features, Keyword Ad-Buys, Content Marketing, Email Management, Paid Digital Ads, Paid Google Ads, all of which averages a minimum of $6,000 – $12,000 a year for a small company – an average $500 – $1,000 a month.

As a result, there are NEW Reasons Why A Buyers’ Directory, Local Newspapers, Local Magazines WORK:

• Print Directs customers to Your Website instead of an Internet Search that shows Your Competition! (on Search Engines)
• Stays in the homes and offices for years, while internet ads disappear quickly into cyberspace.
• Print is permanent, stable, reliable and not a flash of the computer screen.
• Print is Safer NOW, Users are now fearful of Clicking due to spam and viruses – there is no imminent DANGER in print.
• Consumers are More Engaged when Reading Print, and Refer back to it often.
• Our Consumer Directory is targeted to 25,000 specific Homeowners, hard to do with the internet. (#Hegewisch #Eastside #Southchicago #WhitingIn)
• Computer screens are skimmed in as little as 15 seconds and read 20% – 30% slower than printed paper.
• Print Directs Customers to YOUR Social Media where they can find out more.

• Did you get that part about Search Engines now have YOUR competition listed right next to you? (Even Facebook does this now) – If you can’t remember a business name and you type what you do in Facebook, YOUR COMPETITION WILL COME UP!!!!

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