Porter County Covid-19 Positive Cases and More Info

    Just in case you were wondering how many cases were in your own town in Porter County, we discovered a website by the Porter County Government that tells you exactly that. (updated daily)
     There are also several informative links available as well, that we have included in this post.
     Find the most current COVID-19 information, updates, guidance and resources along with the practices that the Porter County government has established to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. More information is being added as it becomes available, so please check back often.
     As of Saturday, Sept 21 in Porter County there are 5 Current Cases Hospitalized with a total of 1,847 Total Cases with 1,847 Recovered, Total Current Cases: 5 with total deaths at 48. This map breaks it down per township or city. 44 Deaths.

(Left to Right In Order of Appearance)
Portage: 714 (top Left Township) Increase of 147 in a Month
Chesterton (Top Middle): 237 Increase of 83 in a Month
Pine Township: 11                 Increase of  2 in a Month
Liberty Township: 119            Increase of 41 in a Month
Jackson Township: 36           Increase of 17 in a Month

Union Township:         113 Increase of 35 in a Month
Valparaiso (Center):   568 Increase of 140 in a Month
Washington Township: 94 Increase of 17 in a Month

Porter Township:         65 Increase of 19 in a Month
Morgan Township:      33 Increase of  9 in a Month

Boone Township:       51 Increase of 21 in a Month
Pheasant Township:  36 Increase of 10 in a Month

    To find out more click here (OR For The Current Update), this is the link to the Porter County Government Covid-19 Page.

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Sue Baxter