“Pass Over” is All about Stark Reality

**** Recommended ****  “Pass Over”, Steppenwolf’s new play in the Upstairs Theatre, is an uncomfortable modern riff on “Waiting for Godot”.  While “Godot” is meant to be absurd and meaningless, “Pass Over” is neither.  In fact, the street corner war zone is stark reality for many young black men.  “Pass Over” isn’t a ‘likeable’ play, but it will leave you thinking.  3 ½ Spotlights.

“Pass Over” runs through July 9th in Steppenwolf’s Upstairs Theatre, 1650 N. Halsted, Chicago.  Running time is 80 minutes, no intermission.  Performances are Tuesday through Friday at 7:30 pm; Saturday at 3:00 and 7:30 pm; and Sunday at 3:00 pm.  Tickets range from $20-$89.  Parking is available for a fee in Steppenwolf’s garage.  FYI (312) 335-1650 or www.steppenwolf.org.

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