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PanoramaNOW Publishes First Magazine Since Pandemic

The pandemic has hit the Hospitality Industry the hardest, and that includes PanoramaNOW Entertainment News. In spite of focusing only on Festivals, Events and “Things to do,” PanoramaNOW Entertainment News just published their first issue of the year! The decision to focus only on Festivals, Events and “Things to Do” was a business strategy made about twenty-five years ago.

A large portion of their advertisers are area festivals, and when almost all the festivals and County Fairs were cancelled this year, it took out a big chunk of advertising revenue. However, PanoramaNow did not want to change it’s focus just temporarily, so there just weren’t any magazine published. “We found that we are the only publication on the shelves, which is a happy and sad experience at the same time,” quoted C.E.O. Sue Baxter.

For this issue, PanoramaNOW had to change their content focus slightly and work around their intended purpose established 25 years ago. The magazine is focused to benefit local residents and tourists alike, so the content is more for residents, which includes the popular “Calendar of Events.” Not to mention the fact the magazine is mainly distributed inside restaurants, it was very difficult to come up with a distribution network, existing advertisers and relative content that matters since the pandemic began.

This first issue had to change the content somewhat to focus on family life, and things to do at home, as well as recreation. Although, PanoramaNow has always focused on Recreation, it has become the top topic due to the COVID-19 outbreak, even online content has focused on recreation more.

Like most businesses, not knowing what the future holds still makes future publications in doubt, because they have always relied upon existing advertisers. 85 % of the advertisers are repeat advertisers, which used to be a bragging point, and now has turned into a detriment.

Since its inception in 1985, the magazine has provided marketing solutions to companies both local and in the Northwest Indiana market, serving LakePorter and LaPorte Counties in Northwest Indiana. In addition, it’s always been a niche magazine, focusing on things to do; places to go; the Indiana Duneslocal concerts; local festivals; local theatre; family fun; parks and recreation — all topics that is still very important today!

As long as people are still wanting to have entertainment, there will always be a need for PanoramaNOW Entertainment News!


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