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Pandemic Helped Local Valparaiso Self Storage Business

Need a place to store your belongings? Store your car, seasonal items, business supplies, hobby items, hobby vehicles, college items, free up room in your garage, then Valparaiso Self Storage is the place for you. The pandemic has made them full and taking names for their waiting list.

Valparaiso Self Storage in Valparaiso Indiana units provide a solution to those in need of temporary or long-term storage before, during and after a move. The business is family owned and the owners live on site.  

One of the reasons why the pandemic has helped Valparaiso storage is because several people started working from home and needed the extra space to create a home office. “The kids staying home to do home schooling also got us more customers during the pandemic as well,” stated Ruth Titus, co-owner. “We now have a waiting list, but there’s always people leaving at the end of the month, and we will let you know that there are potential vacancies projected,” continued Ruth Titus.

The company does not require a deposit and they also have one month contracts instead of long term contracts. “Many of our 10 x 40 units are never available,” stated Ruth. “Some units have lofts that are also very popular.” Lofts make it easier if you have something like a lawn mower that you can’t stack boxes on top of.

They have 11 different sizes and you can check the website to see what sizes are available and where it is located. Units range from 5×10 up to 10×40 visit website for details. Some units have doors on each side which makes it convenient for many reasons.

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“We have many businesses that use our storage units. People like plumbers, landscapers and handy men keep their large equipment in storage and access it when they need it that day for their work day. We are open 24/7 which makes it convenient as well,” stated Ruth. “It’s also great for college students who go home for the summer, but don’t have to take all their furniture and stuff back home with them.”

When asked who attends the storage wars, Ruth said the their regulars are resale shop owners and antique collectors. They sell the whole unit at a time, and have auctions every other month. Just call the office and find out when the next storage war will take place.

You can reach them by calling 219-464-0363, or visit their website, and visit their Facebook Page. Watch their Facebook Video here or watch their Youtube Video here.

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