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Mistakes You Don’t Realize Hinder Your Workout

When you’re first beginning your journey into fitness, seeing how much there is to learn about working out effectively and safely can be daunting. To further your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, read on to discover some possible mistakes you don’t realize hinder your workout.

Forgetting To Plan

Planning out an exercise routine when you’ve never done it before can be hard, and beginners often think any routine is fine as long as they’re exercising. However, the lack of a plan robs you of having any kind of structure to your workout, so you may not be doing exercises long enough to obtain their benefits, or you may be doing exercises that aren’t conducive to your goal. Figure out what your goal is and start by finding a routine geared toward meeting that goal.

Making Warm-Up Mistakes

A common mistake people often make when warming up is doing static stretches, which are stretches where you hold a challenging position for 10 to 30 seconds. Static stretches are detrimental because they slow your heart rate; they’re better suited for cooling down after your workout to avoid muscle injury.

Other mistakes you don’t realize hinder your workout are ballistic stretches, which misguided trainers often suggest. Ballistic stretches focus on forcing your muscles to stretch beyond their limits without allowing them to relax or adjust. This can cause serious injury and should be avoided.

Following Dietary Misconceptions

A lot of products are marketed as “health foods” to target athletes and exercise enthusiasts, but it’s better to avoid these foods because they’re misleading, they’re not suitable replacements, or they simply may not fit your needs. Remember, there’s simply no replacement for the lifeblood of our planet: water.


Equally important as sticking to your exercise routine, remember that you also need to give your body a break now and then. If your body feels sore, it can hinder your performance and put you at greater risk of injury or fitness burnout—fatigue that makes motivation difficult because you always feel run-down. Rest days will allow you to rejuvenate, and they give your muscles the opportunity to facilitate growth and repair their fibers. A simple way to make sure you rest enough is to include rest days in your exercise plan.

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