Meet the ‘Kinder, Gentler’ Antonin Scalia in Court Theatre’s “The Originalist”

**** Highly Recommended **** Honestly, I didn’t expect to like Court Theatre’s production of “The Originalist”, since I completely disagreed with the politics of the principal character, Antonin Scalia. Much to my surprise, I did enjoy “The Originalist”. While I’m sure that the real Antonin Scalia was a brilliant, arrogant and dogmatic know-it-all, playwright John Strand’s portrayal of a ‘kinder, gentler’ Scalia made for a good play. I thought it was well written, letting us meet a wonderfully adversarial Scalia with all his human frailties. 4 Spotlights

“The Originalist” runs through June 10th at the Court Theatre, 5535 S. Ellis Avenue, Chicago. Parking is free in the garage next door to the Court – you have to take a ticket to enter but you won’t need it to exit, the gate stays up for 30 minutes after the performance.

Running time is 1 hour, 35 minutes, no intermission. Performances are Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 pm; Fridays at 8:00 pm; Saturdays at 3:00 and 8:00 pm; and Sundays at 2:30 and 7:00 pm. Tickets range from $44-$74. FYI (773) 753-4472 or www.courttheatre.org.

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