Marian Theatre Presents “The Cemetery Club”

    Come enjoy something fresh, funny, and different as The Cemetery Club is the Marian Theatre Guild’s offering this Spring.
“It is a comedy, a very touching comedy. As the title implies, death is the elephant in the room, so to speak, but there are some very funny moments. Basically, three widows go visit their husbands’ graves every month. Each one is dealing with the loss in very different way,” said Peggy Glennie, director of the piece. “A big question is how long does one mourn? Should a widowed spouse remarry? Each has a very different opinion on that as well and this is where a lot of the comedy comes in.
Members of “the Club” are actors Susan Bobos, Kali Rasala, Patti Pretzel Howard, Jason Horn and Donna Rowland. Between these actors is easily over 120 years of stage experience. Peggy brings a lot of experience with her as well having directed musicals (her first love) for Highland Parks, Hammond Community Theatre, Crown Point Community Theatre and Genesius Guild.
“I prefer working with older actors because they have a better work ethic. They make the commitment and will stick to it,” the director said.
She explained that they know that community theatre is a group effort. “So much work goes on back stage, before the show opens that the audience never sees. These actors are willing to do it and have some wonderful ideas to help make the production the best it can be,” she explained.
Peggy says that she knows most people will be able to relate to the relationships of these women.
Show dates are Saturdays April 27 and May 4 at 8:15p.m. Sunday matinees are April 28 and May 5 at 3p.m. in the Marian Auditorium at the corner of Lincoln Avenue and 119th Street at St. John School.
    Special Dinner/Theatre packages are available for Saturday night productions and need a reservation. The Box Office is open from 7p.m. to 9p.m. during the week and credit cards are accepted. Box Office phone number is 219-473-7555.

Sue Baxter