Local Breweries Win National & State Awards

New Oberpfalz Brewing, located at 121 E. Main Street in Griffith, Ind. was awarded a Gold Medal for Their Flagship Helles Lager beer in the 2017 US Open Beer Champiionhips, a national beer brewing competition.

“We are honored to win this prestigious national award. Helles Lager is the beer that helped formulate the ideas from which New Oberpfalz Brewing was born, and we sell more of it than any other brand of beer we make for reasons that are now clearly obvious,” said Dan Lehnerer, Founder and Brewer.

Helles is a traditional pale lager beer with German roots. “Helles is ubiquitous in Bavaria. Nearly every brewery makes a Helles, and from brewery to brewery, each one is unique and helps a beer drinker understand the character of the local water source, the practices of the brewer and the source of the malt used to make the beer. It’s such a light beer, there is nowhere to hide an imperfection,” Lehnerer went on to say.

New Oberpfalz operates a 60-seat Tap Room with a full menu at its location in Griffith, where outdoor patio seating and family seating are offered. Open since January of 2015, this is the first national brewing award the brewery has received, and the first brewing competition New Oberpfalz has entered. Helles Lager is available at independent liquor stores in Northern Indiana and the Tap Room in Griffith.

Indiana Brewers’ Cup Awards:
The 19th Annual Indiana Brewers’ Cup took place at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum in Indianapolis this July. Last year’s Grand Champion, Byway Brewing (Hammond) took home two medals this year: First Place for V for Vienna in the European Amber Lager Category and Second Place for Haulin’ Oats in the Stout Category.

Crown Brewing (Crown Point) won First Place for their Barrel Aged Squatch Barleywine in the Smoke-Flavored & Wood-Aged Beer.

Burn ‘Em Brewing (Michigan City) won First Place for Cleetus, in the American Wild Ale Category.

Shoreline Brewery (Michigan City) took home Third Place for their Curse the Goat Dopplebock in the Bock Category and Four Fathers Brewing, LLC (Valparaiso) also took home a Third Place for their C’Mon Now in the Amber Hybrid Category.


Sue Baxter