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Lake County Indiana Covid-19 Update

Here’s the new COVID-19 Data results for Lake County Indiana. We stopped taking the time to calculate the results back in August. However, with the recent resurgence in cases, it seems we’re back with more concerns about COVID-19.

Some of the Lake County cities that were spared in the beginning are now surging and the cities that surged in the beginning are now slowing. It seems this virus has no borders or no submission. The last time we published these results was August 21, 2020, and now it’s November 18th, 2020, approximately 3 months later.

It’s hard to believe that right before two important holidays – Thanksgiving and Christmas – we are now faced with making tough decisions regarding these two special Holidays. We felt it necessary to re-visit the data available from the State of Indiana to give you more information to make your own personal Holiday Decisions.This information comes from a website by the state of Indiana. 

There are also several informative links available as well, that we have included in this post. There are also several very interesting FAQ questions posted on this site as well.
    To find out more from the Lake County Health Dept. click here,  
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As Of November 19th, 2020
(Please note: this is not the number of Current Cases,
but the number of total cases since March 1st)
Based Upon the State of Indiana Website

                         Aug 21:                         Nov. 19:
Hammond:       2073 – Up 422 in a Mo.   4,189 – Up 2,116 in 3 mo.
Gary:                1437– Up 222 in a Mo.   3,101 – Up 1,573 in 3 mo.
Crown Point:    1117  – Up 320 in a Mo. 1,960  Up  843 in 3 mo.
East Chicago:    903 –  Up 174 in a Mo.    821 –  Up    82 in 3 mo.
Hobart:              597  – Up 113 in a Mo.   1808 Up 1,211 in 3 mo.
Merrillville:         831 –  Up 186  in a Mo.   965 Up   134 in 3 mo.
Dyer:                 538 –   Up 110 in a Mo.   752 Up    214 in 3 mo.
Munster:            440 –  Up 118 in a Mo.   691 Up     251 in 3 mo.
Schererville:      439 –  Up 115 in a Mo. 1,362 Up    923 in 3 mo.
Highland:           391 – Up   99 in a Mo.     664 Up   273 in 3 mo.
Griffith:              262 –  Up   53  in a Mo.    474 Up    212 in 3 mo.
Whiting/Robertsdale:263–Up64 in a Mo    279 Up    16 in 3 mo.
Demotte:           200 –  Up  43 in a Mo       307 Up  107 in 3 mo.
Unknown:           78 –   Not available Not available.
St. John:           180 –  Up  68 in a Mo.      495 Up  315 in 3 mo.
Cedar Lake:     175 –  Up  27 ia Mo.      185 Up    10 in 3 mo.
Lake Station:    131 –  Up   40   in a Mo.    265 Up  134 in 3 mo.
Lowell:              130 – Up  81 ia Mo.       491 Up   361 in 3 mo.

Hebron:               75  –Up 10 in a Mo.        206 Up  131 in 3 mo
Other:                unknown

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