Items You Didn’t Know You Should Recycle

Items You Didn’t Know You Should Recycle

We all want to help out our planet and we all know it needs to be done. In addition to using your car less, turning your lights off, and reusing plastic, there are plenty of things that we know to recycle rather than waste in a garbage can. Anything we can do to keep landfills from filling up will help in the long run. Here a few items you didn’t know you should recycle that you can keep an eye out for in the future.


People who regularly use makeup know that you can run through those little things quicker than you think. Thankfully, many cosmetic companies have recently started to offer makeup recycling programs in order to keep their products out of landfills.


Surprisingly, many parts of traditional toothbrushes are not biodegradable, and millions of them end up in the trash every year. However, toothbrushes can be recycled at the right places and repurposed into school supplies for children.


It might seem harmless to throw clothes away, but a lot of synthetic fibers can be very bad for the environment. Recycling your textiles is the best way to go when you’re cleaning out your closet of stuff you don’t wear anymore.


Yes, even your toilet and toilet seats can be recycled now. In fact, porcelain is a quite useful material, and old toilets can be repurposed into building materials for roads and sidewalks.

Cigarette Waste

Too many burned-out cigarette butts in your trash? You can actually collect these and mail them into companies that will separate them into their component parts. The paper and tobacco will get composted, while the plastic bits get repurposed into new plastic.


Perhaps one of the more well-known kinds of trash to recycle is e-waste, but it still remains a huge problem that many people don’t know about. Electronics can easily be recycled into their component parts, so try to resist the urge to just dump them in the trash when you upgrade.

Prescription Medicine

Your prescriptions definitely don’t belong in the trash given all of the chemicals inside of them. If you need to dispose of old prescription medication, the best way to do it is to take them back to your pharmacy and tell them you no longer need the medicine. They can handle it from there.

Hopefully, seeing a few of these items you didn’t know you should recycle has given you a few more things to look out for when you’re considering how to be green. There is nothing wrong with having been in the dark about these items, but now that you know, you can take that step to help our planet even more.

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