Items That You Hold Onto for Way Too Long

Items That You Hold Onto for Way Too Long

We’re all guilty of it in our own unique ways. Whether it’s because they are sentimental, cost a lot of money, or we don’t like to declutter, a lot of our homes have more useless junk than we’d like to admit. You’re not alone if you have pack rat tendencies, but it can negatively affect how you feel while you’re at home. Watch for these items that you hold onto for way too long and get rid of them when they start getting in the way.

Articles of Clothing

Almost everyone has a closet that overflows with more clothing than we could ever need. Some of these articles of clothing might even show clear signs that you can’t wear them anymore. If you go through your closet and find perfectly fine clothes that you would never wear again, you do yourself a disservice by not donating them instead. Clear out your closet, and you’ll clear out your mind a little bit more.

Gifts You Don’t Enjoy

No matter what it is, throwing away gifts can always feel like a difficult thing to do. Even if you don’t particularly like the item, there’s a certain sense of guilt that comes with throwing away a gift. However, if it doesn’t do anything for you and gets in the way more than you enjoy it, you’re better off letting it go. It’s very unlikely you’ll have to deal with any fallout from the person who originally gave it to you anyway.

Old Electronics

Fairly common items that many people hold onto for way too long are old electronics. Part of the reason we keep these so often is that it’s not always easy to toss them responsibly. The real downside of old electronics is that they are essentially obsolete, and they tend to get in the way of other things. Look into an e-waste handler near you to deal with these things properly instead of holding onto them forever.

Baby Clothes and Toys

While it’s understandable to want reminders of your child as a baby, there’s no need to keep absolutely everything that was once theirs. Old toys they no longer like or clothes they already grew out of can start to pile up if you’re not careful. Both things also make great donations as there is always another parent that could use them somewhere else.


Sue Baxter