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Is Your Outdoor Living Space Summer Ready?

Summer has arrived!    Now is the perfect time to identify and address damage to trees and plants that could cause issues later.  The experts at Monster Tree Service are available to ensure you are protected from potential damage to your home and property.  

Go outside!  You can use time typically spent commuting to identify potential hazards lurking in your yard.  When something looks suspicious to you, it is in your best interest to contact a professional to assess the potential for damage and expense.

Summertime Preparedness – Consider This:

  1. You need to find unstable trees, unsafe branches and pests before they find you. 
  2. To keep beautiful trees alive and well, you must have a plan to maintain their health. 
  3. Planning and budgeting for plant health care is more cost effective than removing and replacing mature trees.
  4. What do you do outside?  Do you enjoy barbeques?  Planning a monthly program to reduce mosquitoes is one way to ensure your enjoyment and to provide a safer atmosphere for yourself and your family.
  5. Got ticks?  Tick bites are a major source of disease for humans and pets.  Along with mosquito control, consider a plan to minimize ticks as well.
  6. Invasive pest species are becoming more prevalent each year.  Do you know how to minimize the spread of these pests?
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