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Is Your Body Clean on the Inside? The Untold Truth

by Jodi Barnett

     Most of us spend more time than we realize keeping our stuff clean. We take bathes, wash our dirty dishes, vacuum and shampoo our carpets, wash our cars and our clothing. But it isn’t just the outside of the body and our outer environment that needs to be cleaned. We need to decide to clean on the inside too.


     We eat and drink; then the body incorporates what we refer to as “metabolism” which means it has to be converted for energy.  The body then as a result, creates waste products from the foods we consume.  The bodies ability to “take out the trash” or eliminate these by products is vital and so important that God built in different systems for breaking them down and tossing them to the curb.  We don’t give much thought to our lymph system, liver, kidneys, colon sweat glands, oil ducts (acne).  Truth be told that our bodies would somewhat suffocate in its own waste in a couple of days without these elimination systems God built in. They don’t get to put in for vacation either.

    The reality is that many people are walking around with any one or several of these elimination systems dangerously clogged or blocked up.  Just like a chimney, furnace, or filter in your vehicle, when your body starts to get “dirty,” the health diminishes.  If even one or more of these detoxification systems decreases by just a mere 10 or 20%, it “slowly,” “gradually” begins the domino  effect on your energy (which we tend to notice 1st) then it chips away at the vitality of our health.
     If you can look at your body like your home, which sports 5 chimneys, (lymph, liver, kidneys, skin & colon).  When any of these chimneys start to clog up; more demand begins to be placed on the other 4.  One of the first things I do when a client comes to me and has skin disorders (acne, eczema, psoriasis). we begin cleaning out the colon. Yet sadly what many end up doing first is to medicate instead of clean out.

The world we all live in also contributes to making our body toxic!

     We are subjected to hundreds maybe even thousands of chemicals everyday.  They are in the air, the water, the food, the health & beauty products you willingly slather on your skin.  There are over 70,000 chemicals being used commercially in the US according to the EPA 65,000 are considered potentially if not definitely hazardous to your health! This doesn’t just include cleaning products; I’d also encourage you to do a detailed search of your own and educate yourself on what happens in the Agricultural world that produces and grows our foods. For example: pesticides, herbicides, fungicides used on crops, processed (convenient) foods have additives, preservatives, artificial flavorings, artificial colors, emulsifiers, anti-caking agents, and texture enhancers.

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Then when you give more understanding to the chemicals in what you clean your home/car with, cosmetics, fabrics, furniture and building materials used to remodel your homes. The medications and over the counter testing that is done on these products “assure” these “small” amounts is not harmful. However, the “harm” is not instant, or deadly, but most of these chemicals are not tested in combination, yet we are all exposed in combination each and every day for all the years we use them, causing a wide array of inflammatory issues, damaged tissues, and organs.

Damage occurs when our body accumulates un-eliminated toxic matter and many suffer from nutritional deficiencies which weakens the immune system. So… when the body is not able to remove the bad guys, it tries to find another way to store or neutralize them to protect tissues from inflammation/damage. Fat deposits, cysts, growths, weakened organs and tissues can all wind up as toxic waste receptacles resulting in surgery.

It is simply amazing how when you stop hindering your body and the built in processes it needs to perform, and by incorporating diet & lifestyle changes, these efforts help and encourage the bodies’ efforts to eliminate the bad guys.

My next blog will dig into some of the body systems that assist in naturally removing what does not belong including Lymphatics, the “colon, the liver, kidneys and bladder, the skin (sweating). (CLICK HERE)

If you would like to learn more about your body and how you can begin to incorporate natural methods with the goal of getting cleaner on the inside and experiencing more energy, better sleep and hopefully a longer more fulfilled life, then please take a moment and subscribe to my blog at www.jodibarnett758.com

Jodi is the owner operator of Harvest health, a Doctor of Naturopathy, Natural Health Consulting, QFA Body Assessments, has offices in Cedar Lake and Valparaiso. Her phone number is (219) 713.4789. Jodi can be reached by emailing harvestedhealth@gmail.com or visiting her website at www.jodibarnett758.com

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