Interesting Snacks for Adventurous Eaters

Interesting Snacks for Adventurous Eaters

With so many exotic and exciting foods on the planet, it’s a shame that not everyone feels compelled to expand their palates as far as they can go. Some people are just picky eaters, and others are adventurous eaters. But for those who open their minds—and their taste buds—to all the possibilities, there’s a wide array of interesting snacks for adventurous eaters.


Balut may look like an ordinary duck egg. But underneath the shell lies a dish that’s far removed from what you’ll find in most grocery store eggs. A common food in South Asia, balut holds a fertilized duck embryo. It’s served boiled, and people eat it right out of the shell.

Scorpion Suckers

If a scorpion encrusted within a lollipop sounds like a tasty treat to you, then you’re a far more adventurous eater than most people. Many would turn away in disgust at this snack from Mexico and the Southwest United States. But if you can stomach licking through candy to get to a scorpion center, you’ll definitely earn some credibility by giving this a shot.

Alligator Jerky

Alligator meat is a key ingredient in the southeastern United States. But outside of Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, and a few other states, it remains an exotic source of protein. For adventurous eaters looking for exotic jerky, alligator meat offers a low-fat, low-calorie option. It’s known for its mild flavor and firm texture.

Black Pudding

Black pudding is a lot like any other sausage. Ingredients such as pig meat, egg, onions, butter, and black pepper get mixed together and put into a sausage skin. However, black pudding earns its place on this list of interesting snacks for adventurous eaters because blood—that’s right, blood—is added as a key ingredient, giving the pudding its signature pitch-black look.

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