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Indiana Unemployment Extends Benefits 13 More Weeks

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development says some out-of-work Hoosiers will now have access to an additional 13 weeks of unemployment benefits starting the week ending July 4. In total, it means that between state and federal measures, unemployed workers could access up to a year’s worth of benefits.

The extended benefits are in addition to the state’s normal limit of 26 weeks and the federal extension of 13 weeks under the CARES Act. The extension is triggered “on” during periods of high unemployment when the average of insured unemployed workers is above 5 percent for 13 consecutive weeks. The extended benefit program hasn’t been activated in Indiana since the last recession.

Josh Richardson is with the Department of Workforce Development. He says typically the state shares the cost of extended benefits, but the federal government elected to pay for all of it.

“Every state has them,” he says. “The idea is that these are supposed to be sort of the standard [so that] when you get in a bad economy, that these trigger on.”

source: North Township Trustee, Frank Mrvan Click here for more Recovery Information and sources of help.

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The Frank J. Mrvan North Township Trustee’s Office is a government agency serving the communities of East Chicago, Hammond, Highland, Munster and Whiting. North Township, located in Lake County, Indiana, is the second largest of the 1,008 townships in the state.

Their primary function is to provide Township Assistance to the less fortunate. They do this through an extensive application process making sure the right people are getting the assistance needed.


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