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Indiana Seniors Over 65 May Register for Covid Vaccine

  Indiana Residents age 65 and older can self-register for a vaccine appointment  now by going to (Please Note:  ages 65 and up are available on Monday February 1st, but the website has long delays.)

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     A friend or family member may also can make an appointment on behalf of a qualifying individual. But the person registered will be required to provide photo identification in person before they will be given the COVID-19 immunization.

     As of February 1st, Only those 65 and older can make a reservation by phone, call 2-1-1 starting at 9:00 am. Patrons may also try calling 877-826-0011. Call Centers will make your appointment. Their hours are 8am – 8pm daily including weekends. So Far, ONLY Residents age 65 and older who do not have internet access or are unable to register online can call 2-1-1 for an appointment and/or secure transportation starting at 8:00 AM CST.  

     According to the State of Indiana website, vaccines will be available in 55 hospitals in 91 County Health Departments. So far the hospitals and healthcare centers authorized to submit vaccines in the three counties in Northwest Indiana are outlined below.

Walgreens – Online Registration, click here
Lake County:

– Methodist Southlake Campus Merrillville, 200 E. 89th St., CACS Conference Rm, 219-738-5500.
– Community Hospital in Munster, 801 MacArthur Blvd., Munster, 836-1600.
– Community Stroke, 10215 Broadway, Crown Point, 661-6100.
– Lake County Fairgrounds, 889 S. Court St,. Crown Point, 755-3655.
– Gary Local Health Department, 1145 W. 5th Street., 882-5565.
– East Chicago Health Department, 100 W. Chicago St., Ste. 100, 391-8467.
– Franciscan Health, 1201 S. Main St., Crown Point, 738-2100.
– Northshore Health Ctr, 6091 Broadway, Merrillville, 763-8112.
– Northshore Health Ctr, 2490 Central Ave., Lake Station, 763-8112.
– Northshore Health Center, 1828 165th St., Hammond, 763-8112.
– Franciscan Health, 5454 Hohman Ave., Hammond, 932-2300. 
– Methodist Hosp. Northlake VAX, 550 Grant St., Gary, 886-4000.
– Healthlinc East Chicago, 1313 W. Chicago St., East Chicago 398-9685 or or 888-580-1060.
– Southlake Community Mental Health Ctr, 3903 Indianapolis Blvd. East Chicago, 769-4005.

Total County Vaccines Administered in Lake County as of
Jan 11th: 9,863
Jan 7th:  7,002
Jan 20th: 17,170
Jan 27th: 26,644

LaPorte County:
– Franciscan Health, 3500 Franciscan way, Michigan City, 879-8511.
– Healthlinc – 710 Franklin St., Ste 200, Michigan City, 872-6200 or 888-580-1060. (register to Waiting list, click here)
– Healthlinc LaPorte – 400 Teegarden St. LaPorte 326-0043 or 888-580-1060. (register for Waiting list, click here)
– LaPorte County Local Health Dept. 2518 Indiana 2, LaPorte, 874-5611.
– Meijer Pharmacy, 5150 Franklin St., Michigan City (Register here)
– La Porte 1 Walmart Pharmacy, 5780 Franklin St., Michigan City
Total County Vaccines Administered in LaPorte County as of
Jan 11th: 2,167
Jan 7th:  1,248
Jan 20: 3,610
Jan 27th: 6,169

Porter County:
– Porter County Health Department, 215 E. Division Rd. Valparaiso, 465-3525.
– Northshore Health Center, 407 W. Indiana Ave.,, Chesterton, 763-8112
– Northshore Health Center, 6050 Sterling Creek Rd. Portage, 763-8112
– Healthlinc Valparaiso, 1001 N. Sturdy Rd. Valpo, Call 888-580-1060.    (Waiting list, click here)
– Meijer Pharmacy, 6050 US 6, Portage. (Click here to register online) (219) 763-0310
– Meijer Pharmacy, Valparaiso, (Click here to register online) (219)-300-8010.
Total County Vaccines Administered in Porter County as of
Jan 11th: 3,814
Jan 7th:  2,746
Jan 20th: 7,231
Jan 27th: 11,131

     Porter County Just posted their Vaccination Schedule – click here for that info.

      The Indiana Department of Health is supposed to notify eligible individuals directly, via an employer, or by public announcement. If you have not heard from your employer, you are to contact them immediately. Each County Health Department is supposed to have its own vaccination site.


In case you’re wondering who gets the vaccine, the CDC has set forth guidelines determining the vaccine schedule. We have been told that all states and all localities are required to have the same distribution timeline, however, the news reports do not reflect that policy at all. The schedule is outlined as follows:

Phase 1A — Long-term Care Facilities, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Healthcare Providers, Healthcare Facilities, Healthcare Clinics, Aged 80 and over (see above) speech therapists, pharmacists, imaging technologists, laboratory technicians, social services workers, environmental services staff, case management, non-traditional providers such as doulas and midwives, pastoral care staff, dental providers, emergency medical services and nursing students. Police, Sheriffs, Corrections and DNR officers, fire departments, emergency medical staff.

Phase 1B — Residents aged 80 and over, food and agricultural workers, postal workers, manufacturing workers, grocery store employees, public transit workers, teachers, day care workers and others in the educational sector, and those 70 and older at high risk of hospitalization or death would follow.

Phase 1C — aged 65-70 at high risk from severe illness, aged 18-64 with chronic conditions, and essential workers including others in transportation and logistics, construction and finance, IT, communications, energy, law, media, public safety and public health would follow at a later date.

     The State of Indiana just launched a new website for vaccine information found at the link here, where new information will be posted as more vaccine becomes available. According to the State of Indiana website, there are no hospitals in Porter County are Administering the vaccine. Total Vaccines administered map is located here. New research suggests the COVID-19 vaccine made by Pfizer and BioNTech can still work against a mutated coronavirus. Locations for Vaccination in the State of Indiana Map is located here.   

COVID 19 virus ultrastructure.svg

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