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Indiana Dunes Hikers Asked to Use Designated Trails

The Michigan City Parks & Recreation Department is asking that patrons use the designated trails (see attached) instead of using unmarked “social” trails.  Using “social” trails results in immediate and long-lasting damage to the dunes. 

Several of the designated trails have beach mats for ease of use and access.  These beach mats are located on California, Louisiana, Georgia, and Illinois Avenue beach paths.  All designated trails have easy-to-recognize trail markers placed at the entrance from the street. 

Walking off of designated trails to go to the beach results in immediate and long-lasting damage to the dunes. Portecting the marram grasses that hold the sand in place is easy – stay on designated paths on your way to the beach! Designated Trails from the street to the beach have easy-to-recognize trail markers shown in this photo.

The addition of the beach mats project was funded in part by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Lake Michigan Coastal Program. 

For beach and swimming conditions, call 219-873-1406 X 390.  For additional information, visit or contact the Parks & Recreation Department at 219-873-1506.



Sue Baxter