Illiana Birds: Hammond Bird Sanctuary Workday

by Carolyn A. Marsh, Site Steward

       The first Hammond Bird Sanctuary workday held July 21was a big success. The Orland Grassland Volunteers, Purdue University Hammond Bound students, a Hammond Port Authority crew and locals worked as a team to accomplish some much needed plant maintenance in the Lakefront Park and Sanctuary.

      The effort was to benefit migratory birds returning from northern breeding grounds to journey as far south as Central and South America for the winter. For decades, the 16-acre woodlot has been a refuge for over 250 different species of birds in the spring and fall.

      The volunteers focused on the entrance and observation station next to the Hammond Marina.

      For three hours, much under a sprinkle, we tackled trees, bushes, and dug out plant roots to recover bird habitat. A priority was cutting and treating European Buckthorn that is spreading and choking out other plants.

      Thanks to all of the participants who took time out for the workday: Marnie Baker, Mary Bernat, Melody Bustos, Ralph Chichester, Bill Fath, Pat Hayes, Mike Kline, John Madeka, Carolyn Marsh, Ben Nevroske, Mike Ores. Nico Padilla, Luis Raygadas, David Reding, Liz Salber, Darrell Schreiner, Norm Solliday, Kathy Vicchiollo and the birder from northwestern Illinois.

Sue Baxter