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I laughed – and cried – at “Bunny Bunny: Gilda Radner a (sort of) Love Story”

**** Highly Recommended **** I really enjoyed Mercury Theatre’s production of “Bunny Bunny: Gilda Radner a (sort of) Love Story”. Alan Zweibel’s sweet, poignant and very funny tribute to Gilda Radner has a little bit of Saturday Night Live, a little bit of Gilda’s one-woman show, and lots of funny and very personal vignettes. Although they were friends as well as professional collaborators on SNL, Zweibel and Radner never made a romantic connection (not that Zweibel didn’t want one). 4 Spotlights

“Bunny Bunny: Gilda Radner a (sort of) Love Story” runs through April 1st at the Mercury Theater, 3745 N. Southport, Chicago. Valet parking is available. Running time is 2 hours, 10 minutes, with an intermission. Performances are Wednesdays through Fridays at 8:00; Saturdays at 3:00 and 8:00; Sundays at 3:00. Tickets range from $30-$55. FYI (773) 325-1700 or www.mercurytheaterchicago.com.

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