How To Make Your Residential Rental Stand Out

How To Make Your Residential Rental Stand Out

Potential tenants have plenty of rental options to choose from, so to get them to choose your rental, the property needs extra care and attention. Be the best house on the block with a few tips on how to make your residential rental stand out.

Make It Appealing

How’s your curb appeal? First impressions matter, even with a house. When a potential tenant looks up the address for your property and does a drive-by to take a look, it’s best to have the yard and exterior looking move-in ready.

Keep the grass mowed, landscape fresh, and any paint on the house touched up. Pay attention to small details like potted flowers in the spring and leaves raked in the fall. A tenant wants to know that the home they’re considering renting feels like home even from the outside.

Update What You Can

Areas like the kitchen and master bathroom make or break a rental. Make your residential rental stand out with updated appliances in the kitchen and a clean backsplash. In the master bath, replace tile where necessary and have all the expected amenities, such as a soaker tub and shower.

Although updates are just one way to do so, keep in mind that they do increase the value of the home as well. Well-maintained, updated homes appraise best. As you make improvements for tenants, you’re also adding value to the home.

Above all else, tenants want cleanliness in the kitchen and bathrooms. Have a cleaning service clean regularly, even when the property is vacant.

Keep It in Neutral

Tenants need to imagine themselves living in the home when they come to a showing. To achieve this as a property owner, keep everything neutral—namely, the wall colors. Neutral doesn’t necessarily mean boring beige. Light grays and blues are neutral, too, along with light shades of brown, yellow, and of course, white.

Let the Sun Shine In

Take advantage of natural light by uncovering windows as much as possible. If you must cover windows for privacy, choose sheer curtains to allow some light in. Natural light brightens a home and makes it feel more open than a house with heavy window coverings.

Using these ideas to make your residential rental stand out, you can create a property that gains an excellent reputation as the best rental in the neighborhood.


Sue Baxter