How To Increase the Horsepower of a Vehicle

How To Increase the Horsepower of a Vehicle

So, you’ve got a need for speed? Or perhaps you simply want to give your vehicle’s lackluster engine a bit of extra oomph? In either case, we have the solutions you’re looking for to strengthen your engine’s performance. For information on how to increase the horsepower of a vehicle, continue reading.

Install a Turbocharger

Turbocharger systems can substantially increase the engine power of your vehicle. Essentially, a turbocharger is a forced induction system driven by a turbine that can fit into a vehicle’s engine. Once installed, the hot exhaust gases from the engine spin the turbine which then compresses the air before forcing it into the combustion chamber. This burst of compressed air boosts the engine’s power since the oxygen molecules are packed more closely together and can facilitate the addition of more fuel to an engine.

Utilize a High-Flow Air Filter

One of the least expensive ways to increase the horsepower of your vehicle is to utilize a high-flow air filter. Following the same concept as the other two methods, a high-flow air filter increases the amount of air that enters the engine. By allowing the engine to breathe more easily, this system provides a slight increase in a vehicle’s horsepower.

Implement a Cold Air Intake System

Another tip on how to increase the horsepower of a vehicle is to implement a cold air intake. Cold air intake systems operate under the principle that colder air has a greater density. Essentially, such systems draw air into the car from outside of the vehicle and cool the air and increase the surface area of the space where air runs through the engine.

By increasing the amount of oxygen per volume that goes into the car’s engine and implementing a free-flowing air filter, cold air intake systems allow a greater amount of air molecules to mix with the fuel which will ultimately increase the horsepower of the vehicle.

Purchase a High-Performance Exhaust System

Installing a high-performance exhaust system can also increase the horsepower of a car. Such exhaust systems have larger piping that allows the vehicle to expel exhaust more quickly. In doing so, the vehicle can then inhale fresh oxygen at a faster rate, which will ultimately improve its horsepower.

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