How To Increase Storage Space in Your Home

How To Increase Storage Space in Your Home

Unless you live in a massive mansion with tons of space, chances are you’re always trying to find the right place for your stuff. Our homes can get cluttered seemingly overnight. Having your possessions strewn about your home isn’t good for you, mentally or physically. If you need a little bit more room to move around, this article will show you how to increase storage space in your home.

Create an Organization System

One reason we find ourselves without enough storage space is that we don’t use the space we have efficiently. If you start stuffing things wherever they happen to fit, you’re wasting a lot of storage space. Organizing the items in the storage you already have will often reveal much more space than you originally thought you had. Your closet will open up, and your drawers will have much more space than before with a little bit of planning.

Multitasking Furniture

One of the best options for increasing storage space in your home is to make your large pieces of furniture do double duty. You can utilize furniture for storage space if you buy the right kind. Here are a few examples of this kind of furniture:

  • Hollow ottomans for storing blankets and pillows
  • Old-style trunks
  • Coffee tables with built-in drawers
  • Bookcases and shelves

Use Your Vertical Space

We often forget how much space we actually have because we don’t consider the vertical aspect of the room. A small but tall room still has plenty of places for shelves and cubbies you can use for extra storage. Turn your eyes upward and you’ll see how much vertical space you’re missing.

Supplement Existing Storage

You can modify existing storage spaces like closets to have even more storage capacity if you know what to add. Look at your closet and you’ll probably find there is plenty of room to add bins or shelving below the items that you’ve already hung. If you have a shelf above the hanging items, try to get some bins or trays that will allow you to use more of that space at one time.

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