How To Get More Space in Your Parking Garage

How To Get More Space in Your Parking Garage

Parking garages make life so much easier for consumers. Instead of parking their cars in the hot summer sun, they can park in the garage, keeping their car cool. Yet, as convenient as they are, garages can get crowded relatively fast. So, read this guide on how to make more space in your parking garage so that cars aren’t stacked on top of one another.

Build Upwards

Parking garages are typically large structures. For this reason, you might not want to build outward when attempting to increase space at a parking garage. Instead, you should look up. Build more spots on top of the structure so that people have more places to go. The best part is, you won’t be taking up any room for development or plants by building up.

Mechanical Parking Systems

Another option is to get in on the innovative side of the parking industry by installing a mechanical parking system. There are different types of mechanical parking systems that every building supervisor should know about. Parking lifts allow drivers to drive into a spot, and then the mechanism pulls up the car on top of another. These systems save so much space it’s insane. There are also parking pits available where drivers can place their car in a pod near another one. Again, a huge space saver.

This guide has shown you how to save space in your parking garage. These spaces make things so much easier for consumers. Instead of spending time searching for your car, you can simply and quickly find it in the garage. However, we all know how large these structures can be. Fear not; there are solutions that can create more space without taking up too much on the ground. You can build upwards so that there are more levels to the garage, giving people more room to park. Or, you can get a mechanical parking system that saves space!


Sue Baxter