How To Break Into Professional Motorcycle Racing

How To Break Into Professional Motorcycle Racing

Riding a motorcycle is an experience like no other, except maybe racing one. If you are interested in starting a career in motorcycle racing, look no further. Here is how to break into professional motorcycle racing.

Find a Local Track

The first thing to do is find a racing track local to where you are. At these facilities, you will find well-maintained tracks, professional motorcyclists, and experienced instructors. By becoming a member of a track, you will have more opportunities to practice your sport, get access to insider tips, and participate in races in your area.

Earn Your Racing License

To enter many motorcycle races, you need to have a particular license—a racing license. Though you are already able to ride your motorcycle on the street, you need to prove that you can do it on the track. With the increased speeds, higher stakes, and limit-pushing tracks, you must be able to handle the pressure and intensity of racing. Look for a racer school near you and register to obtain a racing license. Similar to obtaining a regular driving license, you will need to attend classroom sessions and participate in a mock race to prove your understanding of the concepts. Once you pass the exams, you will be able to enter more competitions.


The most important part of perfecting any skill is practice. Whether you are wanting to become a better cook or a better racer, you need to continuously try your hand at new maneuvers and fine-tune the skills you already possess. Consider training with a professional driver or local instructor and allow them to watch you ride. Pay attention to their observations and practice with their instruction in mind. By heeding their advice, you will begin to improve quickly and become a better racer.

Build a Reputation

Racers are often known for their personalities as much as their accomplishments. Though you want to be known for positive and good things, it is nonetheless important to make a statement with your bike, your presence, and your performance. Consider upgrading parts of your bike or having a signature move you perform on the track. Additionally, though there are several ways to get sponsorships, at the end of the day, they are worthy investments in your future as a racer. By crafting a look, a style, and a brand, you will become more noticeable in professional circles and establish yourself as an entity in the world of motorcycle racing.

With these tips for how to break into professional motorcycle racing, you can begin your journey to the racetrack today. Building a racing career can seem daunting and difficult, but with a dedication to these simple steps, you will be racing in no time.


Sue Baxter