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Hooked on Art Festival Returns To Chesterton Indiana

     It’s that time of year again for the coolest art festival of the season! Artists, art enthusiasts, and families of all shapes and sizes are invited to spend a beautiful Saturday listening to live music, eating delicious food, and enjoying interactive art activities.
     The 8th Annual Hooked on Art Festival will be held on Saturday, September 21st, 2019 from 9am to 4pm at Thomas Centennial Park (109 Broadway) in Chesterton, IN 46304. Here are more specifics about this event. 

3D Chalk Demos

     The highlight of Hooked on Art every year is the large-scale 3D chalk demos performed live during the festival. And this year we have two demos to show off!
     Ever Galvez (artwork on header) is an artist with more than 15 years of experience. He is most known for his award-winning chalk street painting talents enriched by the vibrant colors of Mexico and the multicultural influences of Southern California. Today, Ever travels the world creating large-scale 3D chalk paintings.
     As middle and high school art teachers, husband and wife chalk artist duo Craig & Jamie Rogers (artwork above) spend the school year helping their students grow their artistic abilities. In the summer, they enjoy creating collaborative, mind-blowing 3D chalk art!

Chalk Art Competitions

     In addition to the 3D chalk demos, dozens of artists compete in both youth (ages 12-17) and adult (ages +18) chalk art competitions on the streets of downtown Chesterton.
     Adult contestants compete for up to $1,000 in cash prizes while youth contestants compete for the chance to win a trophy and a $250 Blick art supplies gift certificate. Young chalk artists are encouraged to create a 4×4 chalk piece (adults 6×6) to be judged based on audience engagement, creativity, quality, and originality. Adult competitors are required to pay $25 (free for youth) to compete for cash prizes.
     The deadline for applications is September 4th, but Frontline urges potential artists to apply early. Only a limited amount of chalk squares are available to compete. Interested applicants may go here to begin the submission process.

Creative Kids Area
     Bring your kids to enjoy a wonderful family day of affordable creative activities in the park! Dress like a pirate, decorate a treasure chest, or build and sail your own ship at Pirate’s Cove or stop by the popular Sand Art Bay to decorate picture frames, necklaces, pens, and more!

     Kids and parents can both decorate their own tie-dye apparel, from t-shirts, to purses, to baseball caps! There are activities for kids of all ages to play, create, and design, led by Brian Dortmund of Artsmith Studios.

Culinary Kids Area
     In the Culinary Kids area, creativity takes on a new form with the smells and tastes of food as art. Decorate a delicious cookie, or if you haven’t already, create your own work of art that you can eat or drink! There will even be decorate-able fruit treats for the healthy eaters out there!

     Visit the “Dress for Chef Success” tent and allow your kids to decorate their own children’s apron, bandanna, or chef hat to wear at home while they help you cook or stop by the ever-curious “Mixing Laboratory” tent to create your very own delicious, scientific fizzy drink.

Recovery Through Art
     Scientists at Columbia University have found that artistic activities and stimulation actually changes the brain itself and ultimately provides additional tools for long-term recovery from substance abuse addiction.
     This is why Frontline has extensive Art Recovery and Music Recovery programs and Hooked on Art is the celebration of the recovery that is accomplished through the arts during the year and raises money to help provide treatment for those who can’t afford it.
     Led by certified substance abuse counselors and professional artists, the Art Recovery program explores a recovery-specific topic with special emphasis on the 12-Steps of Recovery each week using a variety of artistic mediums. By fusing songs of hope, recovery and, encouragement in their Music Recovery program, 
       Now Frontline clients struggling with addiction to alcohol or opioids may receive medication that supports their treatment and recovery process while also restoring the addicted brain back to health. They have accomplished so much this year through your faithful support and we can’t wait to see all that we’ll do in 2019!

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