Holiday Arts Festival by White Key Gallery

white key 2White Key Gallery is hosting a Holiday Arts Festival from November 27-Dec 31, 2015. White Key Gallery is housed in a graceful old Victorian on Lincolnway just a few blocks east of the Courthouse. Just inside the entryway you will find its namesake, a magnificent 7′ grand piano, which you may often hear being played softly as you stroll about the gallery. For your further enjoyment, we invite you to savor a cup of fresh brewed-beverage from our complimentary coffee and tea station.

white key (1)The gallery features fine original art including contemporary and traditional wall art as well as three dimensional objects of beauty carefully created by local and regional artists. Owners Sue and Ed strive to represent outstanding artists whose creations are fresh and sensational. Original works of art are masterly crafted from all forms of media, including oil, watercolor, pastel, wood, metal, glass, paper, and mixed media. Jewelry has been recently added.

The gallery features oil paintings by Jeff Baumgartner, Jane Cowley, Diane Overmyer, Morris Kurz, Susie Gregory and Kathleen Kalinowski represent various styles from realistic to impressionist.   Watercolor artists are Bruce Moore and Ed Spelde. Bruce is an abstract artist whose work is intriguing, colorful and unlike anything you have probably seen before.

You will find extraordinary acrylic pieces by Dawn Fetty and Mary Ann Van Soest that offer incredible color and remarkable detail.   Pastel works by David Hugg will take you on a flight of fancy, while pastel artists Kathleen Kalinowski, Jane Cowley and Mary Ann Pals offer more traditional works that depict landscapes or scenes that evoke a strong sense of place.

white key 4Who does not love glass, with its shimmering color and transparency? If you love glass (we sure do) then stained glass works by Cinda Urschel with enthrall you. If you prefer blown glass then Hot Shop Valpo (the trio of Eli Zielke, Bryan Lee and Dave Lee) has a glass vase or vessels that will give you joy for a lifetime. Imaginative works of fused glass, often depicting life under the sea, created by Sourlis Glass Studios, are also available.

Wood artisan J. Michael Harrigan can only be described as a woodworking master, creating stunning pieces that are, at the same time, beautiful, functional, and wholly original. The same can be said for Patrick Dragon and Kelly Meska whose works in clay/pottery are certainly “not your grandfather’s ceramics”. Pat’s unique and wonderful glazes are the result of thirty five years of “experiments” while Kelly, much newer to the craft, creates unique pieces that often hold special surprises!

Mixed Media works by Cynthia Wold and Linette Bledsoe offer abstract works that inspire the imagination by their use of color (or lack of it…) and shape and form.  Likewise, the abstract works of Indianapolis artist Wendy Franklin use wool, silk, and acrylic paint to create powerful compositions that explode with intense color. Local artist Mellissa Washburn, on the other hand, is an illustrator. This can be clearly seen in many of her water media paintings.

White Key Gallery is also proud to display jewelry designs by Cinda Urschel (silver and bronze), Sue Quiriconi (beach glass), and Angela Caldwell (silver and semi-precious stones). Each piece is both unique and beautiful and will make you or the lady in your life, feel special.

Rounding out the gallery’s selection of superb artists are Judy Lynn and Roy Quiriconi. Judy creates memories in uniquely designed gift boxes that express her bountiful talent in printmaking and design. Roy Quiriconi (yes, he is married to Susie Quiriconi) is a retired psychologist but uses the mind of an engineer to fashion metal sculptures that will intrigue and amuse you.   Finally, you will find graceful works in wax by Esclusso Ltd. They are called candles, but we bet you never light them!

White Key Gallery makes holiday shopping a pleasure. It is easy to find a truly unique gift for that certain special person in your life. You know the gift you choose will be the perfect fit and will be one-of-a-kind. Experience holiday shopping at its best!

Gallery hours are T-W 1-5 pm, R-F 1-7 pm and Sat 10-2. Find us at and also on Facebook.


Sue Baxter