Gripping Drama in “Private Peaceful”

**** Highly Recommended **** Leaving the Greenhouse Theater after seeing “Private Peaceful”, I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I thought it was one of the most powerful performances I’ve seen in a very long time. On the other hand, it left me with feelings of disgust and dismay over man’s inhumanity to man. “Private Peaceful” is both heartwarming and gut-wrenching and an indictment against war. 4 Spotlights

“Private Peaceful” runs through November 11th at the Greenhouse Theater Center, 2257 N. Lincoln, Chicago. Performances are Wednesday through Saturday at 7:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday at 3:00 pm. There will be special performances on November 11th, Veterans Day – and the anniversary of the end of World War I. Tickets range from $40-$45. FYI (773) 404-7336 or

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