Garage Mahal garage sale whiting indiana

Garage Mahal

     Garage Mahal (the name is rumored to be French for “Stuff”) has the potential to be the biggest ever, with everyone out looking for great bargains. Besides, one good aspect of the sheltering in place is that  everyone had a chance to clean out their basements and garages. This year’s event, to be held on Saturday, August 7th, 2021  and with some enhancements and changes in the way in which the event is promoted and organized, will be even bigger than ever.

Garage Mahal is not just a colossal collection of garage and yard sales, as it is also a great day to visit local businesses for discounts and great offerings. To better promote our local business community, a listing of sales offered by local businesses will be added to the back of the Garage Mahal Guide. To add to the atmosphere, the Whiting Robertsdale chamber of Commerce is  adding a discount auction in front of the Chamber to sell some of the organization’s unique treasures and, well, stuff that they have accumulated too.

The Garage Mahal Guide-the holy grail listing of participants- a guide of all the garage and yard sales being held that day, will be distributed at the Chamber, Strack and Van Til, and local restaurants. We are also bringing back distribution of the guide at the intersection of Calumet & 119th as well as at Indianapolis Blvd. & 119th so that last minute attendees don’t miss out on the fun and sales. We are also enhancing the map so that out-of-towners can more easily find all those sales.
Questions? call the chamber at 659-0292.


Sue Baxter