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“FUR” Your Enjoyment – the Mascot Hall of Fame

by Gayle Faulkner Kosalko
     No, it’s not a typo.  You’ll find the word fur cleverly used throughout the upcoming Whiting Mascot Hall of Fame which was opened on April 7th, 2018 for a “sneak peek” or a “furst look.”

    Mayor Joe was on hand to answer questions and greet people as families with kids poured into the huge museum.

    “Most people have commented that the interior of the building is such a surprise,” Mayor Joe said.
Director of MHAF Al Spajer shows the lake view from the top floor to Donna and Tom CafferataPHOTO: Director of MHAF Al Spajer shows the lake view from the top floor to Donna and Tom Cafferata.

    And it is just that.  The sun streams through the windows and there’s tons of space for the different exhibits that will be installed in the upcoming months.  Each empty area now had a sign that explained what exhibit would be housed there.  It’s definitely a hands-on heaven for kids with tons of things to do.

       There’s a room with a green screen so kids can put on mascot costumes on and see themselves on television.   And there’s a lot of education going on in the exhibits disguised as fun such as in the Science of Silliness where kids can learn physics questions about force used in dunking a basketball.

    The Phuzzical Education area is an interactive area when kids can practice their favorite sport and there’s a Sports Court where they can shoot a puck or score a touchdown.

mascot hall of fame whiting indiana

New Building nearing final stages of construction.

    The Build a Bear company will have a Whiting mascot shop (they’ve already built the Mascot prototype) where you can buy it outfits, give it a heart and do everything you would for a Build a Bear.  There will even be an area where you can build a mascot piece by piece and all the parts are huge.

    “It’s like Mister Potato Head kid size,” the Mayor explained. 

    The third floor with all its glass walls is a perfect event room which will be available for rent.  It can fit over 200 people and its view of the Lake is perfect.

     Keep watching for the MHAF’s official opening date.  It’s not something you’ll  soon “furget.” The museum is located at 1907 Front St, Whiting, IN 46394, and can be found at www.mascothalloffame.com

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