Fox Art Gallery Opens In Lake Station

Fox gallery 002    What makes Fox Art Gallery different? One factor is the dynamic new owner is an artist herself. Georgia Fox Hatfield started the Fox Gallery this last January 2015 after what was the worst year of her life.
“My mom, Mary Fox, died March 15th, 2014, after 15 months of care in my home. She had lung cancer and I moved her in to take care of her. I had my son and had also just graduated with my Masters Degree, but she needed me!” stated Georgia. “After my mom’s illness and passing, a series of events altered my life forever,” continued Georgia.
There are many other ways that the Fox Art Gallery is different than most other galleries. Georgia insists on meeting in person with new artists and critiques their work. Georgia treats all customers and clients with a number one priority. The gallery is open 7 days a week and by appointment after hours. And, last but not least, it is “truly an art oasis in the desert.”
“I always dreamed of having an Art Gallery – I just didn’t think it was possible. My life, my education, my passion has always been about the Arts! I grew up in Hobart and graduated high school from there. I was always that left of center girl, and I owned it! Being an artist was always in my DNA, both of my parents were artists. After I graduated college with my Fine Arts Degree, I found it to be a great struggle to navigate the art scene in Northwest Indiana. It seemed that you had to know someone, and you always had to pay money to get shown in galleries. It was frustrating for me as an artist. I always felt and still do – It should be about the Art! I understand that Galleries need to make an income to survive, but it shouldn’t all be on the Artists’ back,” Georgia continued.
When she created the Fox Gallery, she first decided it was about accessibility and pure art! She created a space that is home, (literally) to her and also to her son, so she is always there! She can be open seven days a week if that is what it takes. And, Georgia answers her phone calls, emails, and the Gallery Door! That is her dream and of being very hands on!
There are several art galleries in Northwest Indiana and the Fox Art Gallery is the new kid on the block. It seems very revolutionary to bring the Arts to a disadvantaged community. There just is no focus on the Arts in Lake Station or New Chicago. The location of the business is on the line of both towns – Lake Station and New Chicago. No one expected Georgia to succeed, that was a direct statement to her from a local town council member!
Not only is the Fox Gallery succeeding, they are pushing boundaries by hosting its second Arts & Music Festival that was held September 26th with Grammy Contender, Keenan Baxter performing as headliner, having open mics at least once a month, and other special events like spa days and more.
Georgia’s goal to alter the reality of the Lake Station community and create an Art Oasis for all to enjoy! For more information, call call (219) 433-2660. Fox Gallery is also located on Facebook.


Sue Baxter