East Chicago launches new website

East Chicago Launches New Website

     The City of East Chicago has launched its new web site and integrated new features that make staying informed and engaged simple. The mobile friendly website with its quick-link buttons and easy to access information is live and available now. Check out the new site at http://www.eastchicago.com

     Mayor Anthony Copeland stated, “The new website is without a doubt a big improvement over the last one and will transform the user experience for our residents and visitors alike. Our hope is that the new site will help residents stay connected with ease. We absolutely recommend that everyone sign up for account and get notifications on what is important to you.”


• Notify Me®: Citizens can now sign up to receive direct notifications via text or email of any news posts in addition to upcoming City Council, Planning Commission, and city meetings. Notify Me is the easiest, one-click way to keep up with all that’s going on the website.

 • Alerts: Alerts of high importance will prominently display from the homepage in a separate, quick-link highlighted box. You can also sign up for emergency alerts via our Nixel service by texting 888777 and typing in ECEVENTS.


• A mobile optimized design that ensures citizens can easily navigate and interact with content from any desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet, anytime and anywhere.

• The highest data security standards backed by a team of cybersecurity experts. This will ensure the proper protection from ransomware which has been a security concern for many communities.

• Alert Center functionality allows website administrators to alert citizens with time-sensitive information and instructions using multiple channels, including the website homepage, social media, and email.

• Calendar functionality allows citizens to stay informed about the scheduling of important local events, including public meetings, classes, activities, community events, and other valuable opportunities for engagement.

• The File Center serves as a single, conveniently accessible repository for all forms, documents, and files citizens routinely require so they can self-service many of their municipal requests without the need to walk into an office or place a phone call.

• The Agenda Center allows for the storing, sharing, and searching of public meetings and agendas and enables citizens to remain informed and engaged in public policy and local issues.

• Personalized logins allow citizens to create an account associated with the website so that it becomes a personalized tool to download forms, submit applications and permits, pay bills, submit and track inquiries, comment on stories and topics of interests, and further engage in public dialog. 


Sue Baxter