Dunes Learning Center

     Dunes Learning Center at Camp Good Fellow in Indiana Dunes National Park has education programs to inspire lasting curiosity and
stewardship with nature.
     Immersed in nature, Dunes Learning Center connects learners of all ages with the natural world through lessons in conservation and sustainability led by professional educators in an outdoor classroom. Students learn from hands-on experiences, grow to appreciate the environment and take action as the stewards of tomorrow. One of just 17 independent nonprofits operating a residential environmental learning center in collaboration with the National Park Service, Dunes Learning Center is based within Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.
General Information
     Year-round environmental education field trips and workshops provide learners of all ages with new knowledge and tools to address the global challenges we are facing today. A more sustainable future for all can be achieved by better understanding the interdependence of a healthy environment, vibrant economy and equitable society. Learn more at duneslearningcenter.org.
Founding Date:
     Dunes Learning Center 1998; Camp Good Fellow 1941-1976
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