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First United Methodist Church 6635 Hohman Avenue Hammond IN 46324 United StatesWork Phone: (877) 724-7715Website:
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The Genesius Guild is a community theatre troupe based in Hammond, Indiana. The Guild currently utilizes the facilities in the First United Methodist Church of Hammond. The Guild was founded in 1984 as an outgrowth of the summer Vacation Bible School at First United Methodist Church. Our name is taken from Saint Genesius, the Patron Saint of Actors (see below).

Since its founding nearly 30 years ago, the Guild has produced dozens of plays and musicals, both at the church and at other venues such as the Center for Performing Arts in Munster. A typical Genesius Guild season may include a major musical, a non-musical (“straight play”), a children’s play, a youth play and an alternative production.
The Guild, though hosted by the church, is not exclusive to members of the church, and reaches out to the community — all are welcome to participate. All that is required is a passion for the arts and a willingness to volunteer – be it on stage acting, back stage on technical elements of the theatre, or even helping to staff the box office or greet guests as an usher. Meetings are held at 7 PM (CST) on the fourth Thursday of each month at First United Methodist Church in the Parlor. Auditions are regularly announced via this website, program announcements, and on the webpage of The Northwest Indiana Excellence in Theatre Foundation (NIETF).

The Genesius Guild is a proud member of several theatrical associations: The Northwest Indiana Excellence in Theatre Foundation (NIETF), the Indiana Community Theatre Association (ICTA), and the American Association of Community Theatre (AACT).

Our Mission is to provide an outlet for expressing both the sacred and the secular in the ever-unfolding divine plan of life; to nurture, support, and educate one another in encountering our brothers and sisters with whom we share in the panorama of an ever-changing world.

Marshall Crick, President
Edward Griffith, Vice President
Ken Mertens, Treasurer
Debbie Johansen, Recording Secretary
Mary Lou Gratto Zygmunt, Corresponding Secretary

Members At-Large:
Dan Ball
Matthew B. Byerly
Jean Bernius
Jay Gianotti
Larry Hinken
Andy Leahy
David Long
Carol Odom
Lisa Remmers
Annette Van Linden

03 A.D.  –  Emperor Diocletian, the last and greatest of the Roman Empire’s persecutors of Christians, came to Rome and was given a festive welcome. Part of the celebration was a play. Genesius, the producer and comedian, had thought that the emperor would be pleased by a play mocking the martyrdom of a follower of Christ. In preparation for the skit, Genesius decided to make fun of the Christian baptism ceremonies. This would amuse the people who held religion in contempt. At the start of the play Genesius lay down on the stage as if sick. Two other actors asked what ailed him. Genesius said he felt a great weight that he wanted removed. Hence, two other actors, dressed as a priest and exorcist, were called in. They asked what the star wanted. He replied, “A baptism.” There upon, he said, he saw a vision of angels bearing a book with all his sins inscribed. The actor portraying the priest asked him: “My child, why did you send for me?” According to legend, Genesius was suddenly converted by divine inspiration and asked to be baptized himself onstage. The Emperor was enraged, and ordered Genesius to be beaten and tortured. Clinging to his newfound faith, he refused to recant. In the midst of his pain, Genesius kept crying out that he would cling to his baptism even if it meant suffering a thousand deaths. Finally, the Emperor ordered his head to be cut off. For his martyrdom, Genesius was bestowed as the patron of actors. Those who observe Saints Days celebrate his martyrdom every August 25th.

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