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Concrete Repair & LevelingContact: Joe Soucie
Work Phone: 2197653690Website: Level Rite Concrete
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Level Rite Concrete is your solution to lift, level, and stabilize failed or sunken concrete. Concrete often fails due to poor soils, voids, tree roots, moisture, etc. With our polyurethane foam injection process, we can inject the foam into the soil, which will result in filling and expanding into all the voids, lifting and aligning the concrete, stabilizing the soil and concrete from moving again. The polyurethane foam, once injected into the soil, quickly integrates with the soil, and expands into a lightweight, stable, durable material, which will increase the soil load bearing capacities. The polyurethane has an impressive lifespan, for it is not affected by water, does not change it shape or form, and will not break down over time as other materials often do. This technology is now the preferred concrete repair solution for residential, municipalities, DOT’s and commercial projects. From projects on interstate highways, to a single concrete slab at a residence, our process is so cost effective, that no job is too big or too small.

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