Different Ways Customers Annoy Servers

Different Ways Customers Annoy Servers

In the age of smartphones, people can exist in their own private bubbles, and too often, folks ignore the world around them. The casualties of this carelessness are usually people in the service industry who have to put up with rudeness every day. If you want to make the world better for servers, read these different ways customers annoy servers to learn what behaviors to avoid.

Blame Them for Things Outside Their Control

Servers are “the face” of the restaurant. As a customer, anything that you need to communicate to the establishment gets passed through them. However, that does not mean they control everything that goes on in the restaurant. Servers usually have very little control over the finished product.

It is not a server’s fault that the bathroom is too small, or that the burger is undercooked, or that the dining area is cold. When you blame them for these issues, you are only creating a bad impression. You cannot scare a server into fixing something if they have no control over it.

You Skip Their Names

At the beginning of a meal, a server will introduce themselves and ask for your drink order. However, sometimes people will interrupt the server before they have time to say their name. They will blurt out their drink order and shoo them away. This is one of the most disrespectful and unforgettable of the different ways customers annoy servers.

You Split Everything With Too Many Cards

The meal has ended. You and your friends want to pay the bill in the fairest way possible. For many, the solution is everyone hands the server their card and asks to put their meal on it. While that may seem like a problem solved at the table, the server now must deal with the stress of remembering which cards go with which food items.

It can be difficult and annoying, and getting it wrong could cause an angry customer (which translates to an angry boss). If you want to act as a courteous customer, you should carry cash every time you know you will be splitting a big meal. Alternatively, one friend could pay, and the rest will pay them back afterward.

You Can’t Ever Decide

Some people need time to look through a menu. It is OK if the server comes around once or twice, and you are still not ready to order. But continuing to chat with other people at the table and glancing at the menu only periodically is grating for the people paid to serve you. The time they spend going back and forth is time that they could have completed tasks for people ready for their service. Do not waste their time.


Sue Baxter