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Did you Know That Color Can Affect Your Health?

Jodi Barnett from Harvested Health (Cedar Lake Indiana) has wanted to write about the topic of “Color and Health” for quite some time as it never ceases to amaze how spot on color effects our health. This is why most of us are visually drawn to particular colors… We all have our FAVORITE colors that time and time again we reach for when we pick our clothing, jewelry, the colors we decorate our rooms with in our homes. Truth is there seems to be a direct connection to why certain colors resonate with us and others don’t.

Jodi, for one, is grateful that when God created everything around us, he chose to add color.  Think about that for a minute, what if ALL our fruits & vegetables were all the same color, what if all the flowers that grew were ALL the same color, the leaves on the trees, bushes, grass. Colors do many different things aside from offering distinction and depth when we look at something, they have a soothing effect on our personal/physical state too.

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Jodi is the owner operator of Harvest health, a Doctor of Naturopathy, Natural Health Consulting, QFA Body Assessments, located at 13321 Wicker Ave, Cedar Lake, IN 46303. Her phone number is (219) 713.4789. Jodi can be reached by emailing harvestedhealth@gmail.com or visiting her website at www.jodibarnett758.com


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