Common Types of Parking Lot Accidents

Common Types of Parking Lot Accidents

Despite being an area where vehicles move more slowly, parking lots are the location of a surprisingly large number of accidents. Each year, tens of thousands of accidents occur in parking lots and garages, from small fender benders to serious deadly crashes. Being aware of some of the most common types of parking lot accidents may help you stay alert and avoid them in the future. The next time you drive through a parking lot, keep these potential scenarios in mind.

Backing Into Another Parked Vehicle

One of the most common types of parking lot accidents is when a driver backs into another parked vehicle. This type of accident is particularly frequent in small parking lots with tightly-packed spaces. If you accidentally hit a parked vehicle and the owner isn’t around, make sure to leave a note or call the police, as fleeing the scene is a criminal offense. In addition, you should also inform your insurance company and take as many photos as possible to document the damage and prove that you left a note.

Pulling Out in Front of a Vehicle

Another common type of accident that occurs in a parking lot or garage is when one driver pulls out in front of a moving vehicle. Because drivers pulling out of a parking space must yield to oncoming traffic, the driving backing out would be deemed at fault in this situation. To avoid a spike in your monthly car insurance payments, make sure to exercise extreme caution when backing out of a parking spot. If you see another car coming, it is better to wait until they pass than try to quickly pull out in front of them.

Two Drivers Back up Into Each Other

If you haven’t already noticed the pattern, many parking lot accidents occur when pulling into or out of a spot. This brings us to our next accident scenario: when two drivers back up into one another. In some cases, two drivers will back up out of their space at the exact same time and experience a rear collision. In such a case, both drivers would typically be considered at fault, as both cars were moving and neither had right of way.

Two Drivers Try To Get the Same Spot

In some cases, drivers crash when trying to get into the same spot. In such instances, drivers are often either so focused on finding an open space that they don’t see the other driver, or they are too competitive and try to drive into the spot before the other driver does. While modern technology such as parking lot guidance systems has made it easier to find open spots and has decreased competitiveness in many parking lots, such accidents still occur.

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