Common Causes of Tire Blowouts

Common Causes of Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts are some of the most frightening experiences for a driver. They can make your vehicle hard to control, putting you and others on the road at risk. There a several causes of tire blowouts; some are easily avoidable, while others can be rather unexpected. Here are a few of the common causes of tire blowouts. 

Road Conditions 

Midwesterners—especially Chicago natives—certainly aren’t strangers to potholes. Potholes are some of the biggest culprits of blowouts. Hitting any other large or sharp object can cause a blowout on impact, especially if your tires are worn down or if you’re driving at high speeds. 


Sometimes your tire may get a hole in it without you noticing. If a nail or sharp object is in your tire, your tire is gradually releasing air. Eventually, your tire may pop.  

Overloading Your Vehicle 

Every vehicle has weight restrictions to avoid unnecessary stress. If you load up your vehicle with too much weight, the strain on the tires may result in a blowout. Take a look at your car’s owner’s manual to familiarize yourself with its weight restrictions and to avoid a dangerous incident. 


Underinflation puts extra strain on your tires and quickly wears down their sides. With thin sides and the pressure of the tire tread meeting the road’s surface, air can easily push through the sides. 

Tire Bubbles 

Tires bubbles occur when the tire’s inner lining weakens and allows air to seep in. As the bubble gets bigger, it will eventually become too much pressure to hold, and the tire will burst. Driving on a tire bubble has severe consequences, and you should avoid it at all costs.  

Old Tires 

As your tires accumulate everyday wear and tear, they will become weaker. Failing to replace tires with apparent signs of wear is just asking for a blowout. It’s best to inspect your tires often to ensure they aren’t posing significant risks on the road.  

Nobody wants to experience a blowout. Keep a careful eye out for these common causes of tire blowouts to stay safe. 
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