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City Lit’s “London Assurance” is an Elegant, ‘Mannered’ Play

**** Recommended **** I really enjoy well-acted period plays, especially those in which the characters offer up one witty bon mot after another, all with perfect manners.  City Lit Theater’s production of “London Assurance” fits that criteria well.  If you don’t enjoy language as much as I do, however, you might agree with my friend, Nancy, who said it just wasn’t her thing, although she did like the costumes.  3 ½ Spotlights

“London Assurance” runs through July 23rd at City Lit Theater (Inside Edgewater Presbyterian Church), 1020 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue, Chicago. Running time is 2 hours, 20 minutes, with an intermission. Performances are Friday and Saturday at 730 pm, Sunday at 3:00 pm. Tickets range from $27-$32. Metered street parking is available (free on Sunday). $10 valet service is available at Francesca’s Bryn Mawr, diagonally across the street at 1039 W. Bryn Mawr, except on Sunday. FYI (773) 293-3682 or

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