Liaison toes

Chicago Tap Theatre’s “Liaison” was an International Experience!

Although I saw Chicago Tap Company’s incredibly creative “Time Steps”, a story told in dance, last year, I didn’t know much about the company.  Since I was fascinated by their style of tap dance, I decided then that I’d definitely go to see them dance again.  When I got an invitation to see CTT’s “Liaison”, an international exploration of tap dance, I was ready to go!  Ab Fab production!  4 Spotlights

In “Liaison”, dancers from Chicago Tap Company, Tap Olé (Barcelona, Spain) and Tapage (Toulouse, France), combine their talents into a unique program of dance like opening number, “Wipe Your Feet”, choreographed by Guillem Alonso (Tap Olé), all three companies dance, occasionally clapping and chanting “Barcelona and Chicago, Barcelona and Toulouse”.

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