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La Pour Brew & Wine Fest 2021

Don’t miss the 2021 La Pour Brew & Wine Fest on Saturday, November 20th at the historic La Porte Civic Auditorium. We will have music, food and of course some of the best local breweries in Northwest Indiana!  Join us for the party of the season, with brews varying from you local favorites throughout Northwest Indiana…

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4 Safety Tips to Drink Responsibly this Summer

4 Safety Tips to Drink Responsibly this Summer

For many people, the celebrations of summer aren’t complete without an ice-cold beer beside the grill, margaritas on the beach, or cocktails on a night out with friends. While alcohol can add to some incredible summer memories, it’s important to stay safe and responsible when drinking this summer. From staying hydrated in the heat to…

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New Years Eve

Champagne Tips For The Holidays

by  Chris Mauch      With New Years being the time  for toasting with Champagne, I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain Champagne.      The strictest definition of the word is the European version which states that only ”sparkling wines” from the Champagne region of France, approximately 90 minutes northeast of Paris, can be…

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wine articles wine tastings Vinho do Porto

Vinho Do Porto -a Classic European Wine

     This article is about Vinho do Porto, or Port. Port is one of the great classic European wines and its history is a long and fascinating one. Typically associated with Portugal, it really owes at least part of its invention to England because of the war with France. Basically, the English boycotted French wine…

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wine lovers muscat mascato wine pairings wine tastings

Are You A Wine Lover?

     Are You a Wine Lover?      Just in time for Valentine’s Day, We’ve got you covered. For area wine Tastings and Wine – Related Events, Click Here. Enjoy our Exclusive Wine articles listed below: Wine Lovers FAQ There’s no doubt that wine can be confusing, with so many wines, so much to…

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Wine Lovers FAQ

There’s no doubt that wine can be confusing, with so many wines, so much to learn about each one. During wine tastings, I am asked questions why do we do this or that. But the most common questions I get tend to be about wine in general So this month, I thought Id take the…

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a glass of red wine is good for your health

A Glass of Red Wine is Good For Your Health!

    Resveratrol has been ‘in the news’ for nearly two decades. For example, 17 years ago, CBS News and Morely Safer did a story on Europeans who tend to eat a high fat diet, drink a lot of wine and have lower levels of fat and cholesterol than Americans. Studies at Harvard Medical School and…

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torrontes wine vino argentino argentina

The White Wine of Argentina Torrontes

by Chris Mauch      Recent DNA research has shown that Torrontés is related to the Malvasia group of grapes which originated in the Eastern Mediterranean and found their way to Atlantic islands such as Madeira. It is not known how it arrived in Argentina, but it seems to have been there a long time,…

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wine and cheese

Crisis Center Wine Tasting – Chesterton

2020 is the 26th Annual Wine Fest that benefits the Crisis Center.  No need to pick out an outfit, find a sitter or leave your house. Supporting the Crisis Center can be done online via your cell phone, tablet or computer from the comfort of your home. You can show your support by bidding, donating…

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Mother s Day brunch northwest indiana

Which Wines to Choose at Mother’s Day Brunch

by Chris Mauch When a group of us go out for dinner, I am the one always asked to pick a wine for the table that will satisfy everyone. This is almost impossible to do, not only because each person has their own preference for wine, but each will order his or her own dinner…

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