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whiting indiana online peeps contest for easter vote by april 10th

Whiting Peeps Contest – Vote Online!

The Whiting Robertsdale Chamber of Commerce is providing a new twist to its annual Easter Peeps Diorama contest as this year’s competition moves online.  The Peeps contest revolves around creating a 3-D diorama using the colorful candy marshmallow Peeps.  The Peeps contest is open to everyone in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana.  There are three Peeps…

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Biggest Weekend In Northwest Indiana in December

This is the BIGGEST Weekend In Northwest Indiana December! Check it out and share your favorite event! Click here for more! Find Your Hometown Event and Share it to your Friends and Family! Now You Can Share Your Favorite Event from YOUR Hometown to Your Friends and Family 237 Different ways! Including: • Google Plus   …

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