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Maple Sugar Time at Indiana Dunes

With the last of the freezing nights and the beginning of sap flow, maple trees are tapped for their sweet sap which is boiled into delicious maple syrup. In the 1870s, Swedish immigrants Anders and Johanna “Kjellberg” bought 80 acres in Porter County, Indiana, to establish a modest family farm. They were the first of…

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Eclectica Pop Up Gallery During Taste of Michigan City

ECLECTICA POP-UP will be held during the Popular Taste of Michigan City in the same local. The Gallery will be displayed in the DOWN Gallery at Revive Consignments, and feature an ever evolving array of one-of-a-kind jewelry, accessories, wearables, photography, fine arts and crafts designed, made or collected by ANKO, Kathy Dennis and Dani Lane.…

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