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Indiana Dunes state park birding festival e1487092457694

Indiana Dunes Birding Festival 2022

Celebrate the migration of birdlife through the Indiana Dunes region this May 12-15, 2022 at the 8th Annual Indiana Dunes Birding Festival. The festival is a partnership with the region’s major environmental groups highlighting the dunes area’s rich biodiversity and bird watching opportunities to create a positive impact on the economic, conservation, and environmental education…

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wellness matters chesterton indiana

Clean Eating – Wellness Matters – Chesterton Indiana

Want to eat healthy, lose weight, feel better,  and have fun, then start by attending Master Fitness Practitioner Becky Mateja’s, WELLNESS MATTERS at Bringing Balance in Chesterton, Saturday, Feb 19th, 2022, at Noon.. Interactive Event Includes: Embrace Wellness “TED Talk”, Clean Eating Healthy Treats, Kinesiotherapy “Massage,” plus sign up for FREE IUN Connections Classes (Fridays…

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10 minute play festival fourth street theater chesterton indiana

10 Minute Play Festival Held in Chesterton Indiana

Join Fourth Street Theater, Chesterton Indiana for an evening of 10-Minute Plays during their ANNUAL “10 Minute Play Festival! ”       “The Unforgivable Sin of Forgiveness,” by Rich Orloff, Synopsis: Who is the wronged party? That’s the question that arises when a wife admits a shameful secret to her husband and gets a…

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becky LOMBARDI MATEJA SENATE e1635435544824

Becky Mateja Lombardini Running for Indiana Senate

      On Friday, October 15, 2021, Becky Mateja Lombardini, MPA officially filed at the Indiana Dems Headquarters in Indianapolis her intention to run for the vacated position the Honorable State Senator District 4 Karen Tallian resigned in September 2021.       Mateja brings a wealth of education, experience, and work ethic to the…

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maGICAL light show dyer indiana

Where to Go For Christmas Lights

     Seems like the one thing popular this year during the Pandemic is to go see Christmas lights from the safety of your own car. We’ve compiled a list of Very Popular places for you to enjoy in the Northwest Indiana Region.      Folks are wanting to celebrate the season and give their…

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covid drive thru testing northwest indiana

Lake, Porter and LaPorte County Updated Covid Test Sites

 NWIndiana Testing Sites Have Changed     It’s been over a year, and the Covid Test Sites have changed. Many hospitals are no longer offering Covid Tests. The Current Covid Conditions are still challenging to many of us, especially when it comes to testing.        Hoosiers will not be charged for testing and insurance…

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Interwoven Expressions 2021

Interwoven Expressions Exhibit 2021

You’ll find Colors on steroids, exquisite designs, elegant shopping at the Interwoven Expressions Exhibit and Show on Saturday, November 13th, 2021. Exciting creations from hands that weave, dye, knit, felt, quilt, tat, stitch, and design. Handmade paper and basketry too! Interwoven Expressions presents the 34th annual celebration of all things made of fiber, from holiday…

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hooked on art recovery chesterton indiana festival e1629823612883

Annual Hooked on Art Festival

     The  Annual Hooked on Art Festival  takes place at Thomas Centennial Park in Chesterton, Indiana on September 18th, 2021 from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.  The festival, hosted by The Artistic Recovery non-profit organization. The event brings local communities together to celebrate art in its many forms and promote the message that “family…

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Outdoor Adventure Festvial Indiana Dunes Chesterton Indiana

Outdoor Adventure Festival at Indiana Dunes

      Spend the weekend outdoors at the Indiana Dunes Outdoor Adventure Festival, which will take place the first weekend in September 10th, 11th and 12th, 2021 throughout the Indiana Dunes Region. Packed with outdoor adventure opportunities.  Spend the weekend outdoors at the Indiana Dunes Outdoor Adventure Festival, which will take place on September…

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Chanute Octave aviation day at indiana dunes

Octave Chanute Day at Indiana Dunes

     Learn about Octive Chanute, a pioneer of aviation who experimented with gliders in the dunes and contributed to the Wright brothers’ success.      Upon retirement retired from his engineering business in 1889, Chanute had the opportunity for more personal study and experiment in aeronautics.      In 1896 at Dune Park, Indiana, about 60…

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