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symphony orchestra summer concert series

NWI Symphony Orchestra FREE Summer Concerts Announced!

      The Free Symphony Concerts In the Park, begin in July in Crown Point and concludes on August. every year. These FREE concerts are hosted by the Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra in 6 communities across Northwest Indiana. Come early, bring your lawn chairs and blankets and, relax and enjoy the music!  Everyone is…

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Regional streeters annual car show crown point indiana

Cobe Cup Returns to Northwest Indiana -2021

     The excitement returns to Northwest Indiana thanks to the Regional Streeters Car Club. The Annual and Historical Cobe Cup Car Cruise will be held on Saturday, May 29th Memorial Weekend, 2021. The course mocks the original historical race of 1909 – going thru Crown Point, Lowell and Cedar Lake, starting at Lake County Fairgrounds…

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maGICAL light show dyer indiana

Where to Go For Christmas Lights

     Seems like the one thing popular this year during the Pandemic is to go see Christmas lights from the safety of your own car. We’ve compiled a list of Very Popular places for you to enjoy in the Northwest Indiana Region.      Folks are wanting to celebrate the season and give their…

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lake county indiana is code red covid19

Lake County Indiana Goes Code Red with Increases

     The State has implemented a color-coded system to inform Hoosiers about the COVID-19 Status in each county – Red, Orange, Yellow and Blue.  Lake County Became Code Red on November 18th.      Once a Code is declared the county cannot be changed for two weeks and can only be changed if the…

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Coronavirus lake county positive cases more info

Lake County Indiana Covid-19 Update

Here’s the new COVID-19 Data results for Lake County Indiana. We stopped taking the time to calculate the results back in August. However, with the recent resurgence in cases, it seems we’re back with more concerns about COVID-19. Some of the Lake County cities that were spared in the beginning are now surging and the…

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endangered species found in Cedar Lake Indiana e1603720828149

Endangered Species Found In Cedar Lake Indiana

     On July 2nd, 2020 Humane Indiana Wildlife received a call about two young chicks found in a window well in Cedar Lake, IN. Upon further communication with the two teens who found the chicks, it was determined the chicks were actually Virginia Rails, an endangered species in the state of Indiana. “When the finders…

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Coronavirus lake county positive cases more info

Lake County Indiana Covid Cases Per City Updated

     Just in case you were wondering how many cases were in your own town in Lake County, Indiana we discovered a website by the State of Indiana that tells you exactly that.      There are also several informative links available here as well, that we have included in this post. There are…

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healthy body cleanse toxins and irritants from your body

How Your Body Removes Toxins Naturally

By Jodi Barnett,      In our earlier post we wrote about the ways your body receives and removes toxins. (Click HERE) Now we’re going to “dig in” to some of the body systems that remove toxins and waste from the body naturally.      Lymphatics: According to Steven H. Horne, RH (AHG) ” your lymph…

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National Nutrition Month Diabetes healthy recipe HEALTHY EATING dining with diabetes

How to Keep That New Years Resolution to Loose Weight

by Jodi Barnett      No matter what your health resolutions include, we’ve got you covered! You can correct your metabolism with the world’s best natural products that result in no more yo-yo dieting!       Every year I get folks in who are looking for help with #1 request “LOSING WEIGHT,” of course I can help…

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harvested health hepatic system

Is Your Body Clean on the Inside? The Untold Truth

by Jodi Barnett      Most of us spend more time than we realize keeping our stuff clean. We take bathes, wash our dirty dishes, vacuum and shampoo our carpets, wash our cars and our clothing. But it isn’t just the outside of the body and our outer environment that needs to be cleaned. We need…

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